See Matt at Forecast Festival of Landscape Architecture

Matt has been invited to present at Forecast, the Festival of Landscape Architecture,

to be held on the banks of the Brisbane River, October 16th to 18th, 2014.

"Forecast will look at the edges of our prefession to better understand where Landscape Architects have influence and how we operate. Featuring speakers who practice on and interact with the cusp of the profession, the conversations will reveal the terrain, explore opportunities and become a platform for forecasting a future direction."

Matt will be joining Penny Hall from ARUP and Matthew Mackay from Hassell in the opening session to discuss 'Speculation and Research' (Friday 17th October) and will then facilitate a session on 'Big Projects - Infrastructure and Procurement' (Saturday 18th October).

"Big projects demand big thinking: Exploring the business case process for large public and private projects to ensure design takes a centre and leading role."

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