7th International Urban Design Conference: Walking Tour

Matt has been working with the organisers of the 7th International Urban Design Conference, mapping out an intriguing walking tour through Adelaide. Matt's drawing is part fact, part fiction. It portrays a meandering path from the Riverbank precinct down to the newly transformed Victoria Square. It picks up a batch of new public realm projects and more small bars than you can poke a stick at. There are a few gaps along the way but it is beginning to evolve into a memorable urban experience.

Details of the Conference can be found at www.urbandesignaustralia.com.au

Walking Tour - Bank to Bentham

3rd October 2014. Official Tour Description: Linking the large scale urban infrastructure projects of Victoria Square and the Adelaide Oval, this walking tour will explore the route between them. Identified through the 5000+ An Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide, this route is currently being planned and developed as a safe and vibrant green boulevard between the riverbank and the Central Markets, offering an alternative route between these cultural nodes. Urban realm upgrades have offered an intimate and safe route for pedestrians and cyclists, through street treatment such tree-lined footpaths, public art and street furniture. Ground level activation has transformed under utilised building stock into a fine grain tapestry of retail and dining options, interwoven with small scale businesses and upper level mixed use developments.

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